A review on the little coffee shop in the Kingsland Farmers’ Market.

My morning shone will happy news. Coffee Joulies™ had arrived in the mail for me and I put them to the test right away! I already had an espresso drink today, so no testing with coffee… Instead, I used instant cider from Second Cup. With two Coffee Joulies™, the drink dropped from 90°C to 65°C in… [ Read More →]

This morning, Iwas drinking a cup of very delicious latte and after a few minutes the drink was cold… It’s a very cold morning with all the new snow and absent sunlight. The icy air seeped into the house and attacked my latte! Then I remembered a news article that I read a while back!… [ Read More →]

As I’m drinking my latte, I’m reminded of the latte I had at Pies Plus Cafe on Tuesday. Tuesday was a bad day for me 🙁 I had to get blood work done up for my endocrinologist, who I will be seeing next week. Side Note: I have the worst luck with getting blood work… [ Read More →]

There’s a bug in my coffee!

Wed. April 6th – I completely forgot to take a picture before I started digging into my mochachino and cookie…Yes, they were THAT delicious! Chiasso pulls their espresso through a La Marzocco machine – absolutely in love with La Marzocco……!! The Mochachino: Lovely, velvety foam was poured into a wonderful heart. I suspect they use real… [ Read More →]

I’ve been pouring milk into espresso to make latte art for a long time now, and I’ve always had trouble making a good Rosetta*. Today I was steaming my milk like usual and the steam nozzle flew off! This happens from time to time with the Sirena machines – the rubber tubing inside the nozzle… [ Read More →]

Latte ArtCoffee Etching Contents: Milk: 2% lactose-free milk, Espresso Toscano Have you have seen Kodomo no Omocha (Child’s Toy)? It’s an old Japanese anime about a celebrity child. I absolutely love the series, so today’s latte art is Sana! Links Kodomo no Omocha Opening 1 Kodomo no Omocha Opening 2

Elle starts coffee etching from her personal espresso machine

I went out to see a friend yesterday at The House Coffee Sanctuary in Kensington. It was here where I’ve had my best cappuccino! The proportions were perfect (one third espresso, one third milk, one third foam) and the foam was deliciously sweet without the aid of sugar! In fact, I didn’t add any sugar… [ Read More →]

I opened a new bag of this coffee today! The first cup is always the best cup, even my Darling will enjoy this latte black!  ^^ The espresso was all bubbly coming out of the machine and the lactose-free milk was perfectly foamed, making a deliciously sweet combination for a morning latte. Almost all of… [ Read More →]

A Coffee Review of a Cafe Latte