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May 5, 2015

Photography by Citrus Photography

Inspired by the Effortlessly Chic &
Classic French Woman

I have a deep admiration for classic French Fashion – it is timeless and simple, yet the looks still radiate an obvious aura of luxury. French Fashion seems so effortlessly beautiful and ANZIE Jewelry weaves that ideal concept into an “Everyday Luxury” fashion line.

Photography by Citrus Photography | ANZIE Jewelry


PIECES: Boheme Beaded Long Necklace – Silver Pear – Grey Pearl;
Boheme Beaded Necklace – Silver Flower – Fresh Water Pearl

Named after the founder, Anzie Stein, this stunning jewelry line is a design collaboration between Anzie and her two daughters, Jaclyn and Joanna.

Inspired by the simple and raw beauty of nature, Anzie jewelry is a treasure box filled up with elegant necklaces, dazzling bracelets, and sparkling rings – all perfect for the French Fashion spirited. Luxurious in quality, Anzie pieces reflects the classic style of a chic French fashionista – elegant, timeless, and effortlessly beautiful.

I love the backstory of Anzie’s first jewelry piece – a story of art rooted in love.

“Anzie was an accomplished artist making paintings and etchings when her husband Barry was diagnosed with colon cancer. To help them cope they created a line of jewelry to help raise funds for colorectal cancer awareness. The success of their first piece, the Lifesaver Bracelet, led to the official launch of Anzie Jewelry in 1999.”

Anzie Jewelry continues to inspire the fashion community to this day with their display of ethical practices and philanthropy. Anzie believes in supporting local artistry – the jewelry is crafted by local artists in Montreal to maintain high quality and ethical workplace practices. Also, Anzie Jewelry continues to create custom pieces to support and promote the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada and their efforts in cancer research.

Where to buy Anzie Jewelry?
Visit the online store at or pop into!
Photography by Citrus Photography | ANZIE Jewelry

PIECES: Aztec Starburst Mini Cuff – Clear Topaz & Silver, Dew Drop Collection – Bubble Stackable Bangle, Aztec Ring – London & Swiss Blue Topaz & Silver, Dew Drop Étoile Cocktail Ring – Onyx & Silver, Dew Drop Sautoir Necklace – Hematite, Black onyx & Silver


Photography by Citrus Photography | ANZIE Jewelry

I had a easy and enjoyable time working with the team behind Anzie Jewelry, collaborating together to design our cover photo and photo series. Despite being on opposite ends of the country, we were able to select the right pieces to best compliment my personal style and create my first Anzie Jewelry experience!

When it comes to jewelry, sparkle and shine is where my fashion focus is. As a result, I prefer simplistic, minimalist fashions for clothing.

The Simplest of Canvas is the best backdrop for True Sparkles

I do prefer to see stunning jewelry on bare skin, but that doesn’t mean a fashionista should walk out naked, covered only by jewelry!

ANZIE Jewelry – Pearl Necklaces
If there is one (or two!) pieces that is an ANZIE must-have, the top of that list would include the Boheme fresh water pearl necklaces. The smooth pearl beads are strung together on a silk cord and complemented with a silver teardrop accented with white topaz gemstones.

The simplicity of these necklaces makes it easy for any fashionista to transition from a daytime to night out look. The neutral pearl colors match easily with a simple, solid colored top and everyday jeans, and the natural shine of these necklaces add the right amount of class to your favorite little black dress outfit. Don’t be afraid to layer up! Style up your look with contrasting colored necklaces.

Price: $250 to $850, depending on style and length of necklace

ANZIE Jewelry – Bangles & Cuffs

One of my most common fashion issues is sleeves that are too short. Does the average lady have shorter arms than I do?! No matter where I purchase my shirts or long sleeved dresses, I always find that the sleeves never reach my wrists … instead, they fall on that awkward area between my wrist and forearm.

The Solution: Bangles and Cuffs

Pushing my sleeves back just a bit to the halfway point of my forearm, I can make room to layer in a set of Anzie’s dewdrops inspired, stackable bangles. Daintily thin and available in gold, these adorable bubbled bracelets transform that awkward empty space on my arm into a subtle, fashionable display of feminine luxury.

I really, really love the look of these bangles – each individual bubble is a different size, creating this feeling of playfulness and delicacy – similar to that of morning dew drops on flower petals.

Price: $1,950 each

I’m also a big fan of Anzie’s thick bracelet cuff – the Aztec Starburst Mini Cuff available in clear topaz & silver or in diamonds, clear topaz, & gold. This handmade piece features three stunning star bursts of clear topaz stones, decorated with rays of white sapphires or diamonds. This piece is definitely a stand-alone fashion statement – perfect for both casual days and night out events.

Price: Silver & Sapphires – $1,650; Gold & Diamonds- $16,500

ANZIE Jewelry – Statement Rings

At first glance, Anzie statement rings looked way too big for me to wear, but after we did a few shots with them, I found it heart wrenching to take them off. Boy, did they every sparkle! The gemstone rings easily draw in attention with their sparkles and design details.

Price: Aztec Ring – London & Swiss Blue Topaz & Silver – $1,750; Dew Drop Étoile Cocktail Ring – Onyx & Silver – $650

Photography by Citrus Photography | ANZIE Jewelry

PIECES: Swiss Blue Topaz & Silver, Dew Drop Sautoir Necklace – Hematite, Black onyx & Silver

Having walked for quite a few runway shows, I’ve been adorn with a variety of fashion and costume jewelry. Anzie Jewelry pieces are on a whole different level. These must-haves are forever pieces – treasures that are well made, unique, luxuriously high in quality, and so perfectly fashion versatile.

Shaped after the raw beauty of nature and designed simply yet classically, Anzie Jewelry definitely envelop everything that is beautiful in classically chic French fashion and each piece is effortlessly easy to wear everyday and with every outfit.


Makeup Provided by Amilee Hagon of DMacStudios
Hair Styled by Jason Mellor of Jami Symons Salon

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