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December 13, 2014

A Letter from Elle
You’re not special. You’re just spoiled.

Dear Mr. Young Gen Y,
I don’t know how you were raised, but you are not special just because you are a DJ. You can’t just come up to my pop up cafe and expect me to give you a free coffee, just because you’re the DJ for the event.

1) Are you volunteering your services? Apparently, you’ve been hired by the client. So, you are receiving payment in whatever form for your services. I am not your client. I do not know you. I have no involvement whatsoever in anything involving hiring you. You did not volunteer to help me with my setup or teardown. You did not promote my services in anyway. What makes you think you deserve a free drink from me? You are very, very lucky that I gave you drinks at all – a nano sized espresso and a latte. In return, what did you give me? Not even a shout out or thank you.

2) I was not hired by the client. I am a vendor at the event, just like all those other booths in the marketplace. You know this, Mr. Young Gen Y, because you took a look at my menu and saw that I was charging for my products. Would you go up to the candle booth and demand free candles, just because you’re the DJ? I think not. You should not.

3) Just like your equipment, my coffee and my services are not free. My coffee prices do not just cover my supplies costs – the prices also covers my labour and all the time that I spent to maintain, research, and market my products and services. Every free cup is a loss to me, but I am willing to take a loss, if the opportunity is worthwhile. You coming up to me and saying “I’m the DJ – don’t I get a free drink?” is not an opportunity OF ANY SORT, especially if that is all you say and do.

4) I took the time to make you two free drinks. Yes, they were “kid sized”. You should be appreciative that you got anything at all for doing nothing at all. You DO NOT interrupt me while I am making coffee for a customer to sarcastically thank me for “all the free coffee” that you got. That was EXTREMELY inconsiderate and vastly rude.

DO NOT ever ask me for a free drink again, Mr. Young Gen Y. I cannot promised that I will be able to act civil again. I hope that you do not attempt the same or similar con on someone else. If you do, I give full permission to the Conned to Chun-Li kick you in the head.

Much Love,