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October 7, 2014

Fashion Highlights & Review: Carrie’s Closet & URB Clothing

Life of Elle - Photography by Citrus Photography

Layer Up with Bold Colors & Designs from URB Clothing

It’s Autumn – a season perfect for layering up! This chilly season, I found a way to keep off the frost AND add bright color accents to pop out with eye-catching street fashion.

Life of Elle - Photo by Citrus PhotographyLife of Elle - Photo by Citrus Photography

Scarf: International Clothiers | Colored Tights/Jacket: Forever XXI | Melting Tights: Carrie’s Closet | Shoes: Rose Wholesale


Designed by Joe and Sara Urb, these accessories can take up to 7 days to create and are individually hand crafted. So, each design is one-of-a-kind with variations in color and placement of the drips.

Where to find them?
Carrie’s Closet is the first official retailer in North America to carry these fashion must-haves from URB Clothing – nylon tights with latex drips frozen in time, forever caressing the legs of the street fashionista.


melting-tights-2014-10-04Each time I pull on these nylons, I just want to wear them more and more. The melting tights come in many different colors of latex paint drips wrapped around nude nylons. With a little extra effort, I slipped the melting tights over some bold colored Forever XXI opaque nylons, and the choices of a OOTD became endless!

The option the “change” the color of the tights really helped pull an outfit together – creating a better flow between accessories and garments.

I did find that the nylons tear easily – the den is really small, so the nylon mesh is relatively thin and is more prone to holes, rather than runs. Fortunately, this does not affect the overall look! The holes are difficult to spot out when layered on top of another pair of opaque nylons.

Also, the latex paint layer is super thick! I was surprised by how thick of a layer there was – I’ve played around with latex nylons before, but these URB melting tights are miles ahead in quality. The drips are three-dimensional and have no unintentional weak spots.

Although they were a super tight fit, I was able to layer these melting tights over a pair of winter tights. The latex didn’t thin out or crack – I wasn’t worried at all that the paint would break apart due to the little bit of extra stretch.

It is very important to note which tight size is right for you! The tight size is limited by thigh circumference – they will stretch a bit, but the latex will not shrink, so be sure to take that into account when purchasing.

At a price range of $65 to $75, depending on the color and den of the tights, I find that this eye-catching accessory is a bit on the high-end. You ABSOLUTELY have to get one pair (and wear it until it completely and utterly wears out – even with giant holes, the melting tights are still insanely awesome), but to buy more than one is definitely a luxurious treat.

Photography by Citrus PhotographyLife of Elle - Photo by Citrus Photography

Necklace/Bracelet: Kathy Conlan | Jacket/Belt/Tights: Forever XXI | Skirt: Sirens | Melting Tights: Carrie’s Closet | Shoes: Rose Wholesale

URB Clothing’s Melting Tights are easy to style and fun to wear, but I did find them a little bit hard to love. When researching about these tights, I just couldn’t find enough story about the process and art of making these tights. How did Sara and Joe come up with the idea? Why Melting Tights? Is there any story at all on the inspirations and motivations to make these tights?

So far, I have found none … well, except that the designers thought the idea was cool and unique. For me, that’s just not enough reason for me to love them. I love fashions more for their stories & inspirations that I can share.

(If I didn’t have a pair already,) I would definitely buy a pair of these tights and wear them until there’s no more paint left on them, but would I purchase them again? That depends on if my OOTD required them again. One pair is versatile enough to highlight many different outfits, but I don’t love the Melting Tights enough to get them in every color.

Life of Elle - Photo by Citrus PhotographyLife of Elle - Photo by Citrus Photography

Bracelet: Lia Sophia | Jacket/Shorts/Tights: Forever XXI | Belt: Manager Jeans | Melting Tights: Carrie’s Closet | Shoes: Rose Wholesale



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One thought on “URB Clothing – Melting Tights

  1. Carrie says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing feature on the melting tights! I am thrilled and grateful for your perspective and article. Thank you so much, Elle!

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