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October 7, 2014

Behind the Scenes
August 2013 Cover Shoot

The Cast

Photography by Citrus PhotographyWHO Elle Nguyen – Model, Sandy Huynh – Hair Stylist, Tim Nguyen – Photographer, Yeats Wong – Stylist

WHERE Citrus Photography Studios

SURPRISE Yeats Wong, host of A Brush With Death, styled Elle’s outfit for the cover.

The Model

This shoot Elle did not have a makeup artist on set, so she relied on her own skill at the art. Unfortunately, Elle is a perfectionist with makeup and so, she woke up at 6 AM to start the process for the shoot at 9:30 AM.

The Hair Stylist

Sandy is a magician when it comes to hair. To top it off, Sandy’s passion for perfect hair always shines through, even in stressful time crunches.

The Stylist

Since the photoshoot theme was “Escape Artist”, Elle sought out a dark influence that would fit with the theme.

Yeats Wong, the host of the comedy horror show A Brush With Death, was the perfect fit. Grabbing a straitjacket, chains, and locks, Yeats strapped Elle up to match the theme perfectly.

The Photographer

Despite the fact that Elle is a huge fan of Tim’s work, this is only the second time Tim of Citrus Photography has worked with Elle (check out their previous work together).

Elle is absolutely in love with Tim’s awe-inspiring imagery in his photography. So, when the official photographer of LOE (DMacstudios) was unavailable, Tim was her first choice.

“A passionate image maker, Tim strives to find the right image for every project, from the beautiful, to the mechanical and mundane.”

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