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September 29, 2014

A Day in the Life of Elle

An Unforgettable Birthday

Elle and her coffeeNo …

It was not my birthday on September 25th, 2014. My birthday is actually a week before Christmas. December is a terrible month to have a birthday in. It’s too cold and everyone had Christmas rush on their minds.

After decades of battling with this winter holiday, I’ve given up on trying to organize anything special for my birthday. There’s two things that I hate doing: 1) being openly selfish, expecting my silly whims to be catered to and 2) being a bother by interrupting the busyness of everyone else’s life with these silly whims. There’s no point in bothering others with a day of selfishness when everyone is too busy to be silly with you.

So, birthdays flew by, lazily “celebrated” with token dinners and coffee meetups. Then, Darling, the best gift giver ever, decided to change that.

I have to say that one of the best gifts that I have received was the gift of being ridiculously selfish without feeling any guilt or shame – that’s the power of a birthday!

Darling set the date and marked in the calendar as “WWTD” – I had no idea what that meant. When the 24th rolled around, he handed me an envelope. Confused, I opened it up and found a birthday card and tickets to see a fantastic event! Apparently, “WWTD” stood for “What would the Doctor Do”.

Do you know what the Doctor (referring to Doctor Who) would do? He would give his companion one of the best birthdays ever! He was going to take her to Walk with Dinosaurs ( I FREAKIN’ LOVE DINOSAURS)!

After the initial birthday excitement finally settled down, I managed to fall asleep – only because I knew that would make morning come faster.

Morning came. My eyes popped open, I sat up excitedly, and squealed loudly, “It’s my birthday”! Darling sleepily muttered, “yes … it is”. I squealed some more and jumped out of bed. I rushed to my espresso machine –

“Today I’m going to draw whatever I want! I’ll take a selfie with it, too, and everyone must bloody love it because … it’s my birthday!”

I uploaded the selfie to Facebook, announcing that it was my birthday. Facebook friends actually responded and wished me a happy birthday, despite that fact that my profile still said that my birthday was on December 18th. I was so pleased …

I did whatever that I felt like doing that day. I could act as silly as I wanted and Darling would smile and play along. After all, it was my birthday! I felt insanely fantastic and giddy.

Would I want every day to be my birthday?
No, that would take all the specialness away from this horridly selfish day. I wouldn’t have anything to count down to, work hard for (hoping for extra goodies for my good behavior), and eventually all that shame and guilt of being so insanely selfish would catch up and weigh too heavily on the conscience. Just one day – that’s all I need. Just give me one day to geek out on me for the simple and silly reason – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

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