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June 19, 2014

Fashion in Canada: Online Boutique

Carrie's Closet

Carrie's Closet

Carrie’s Closet Brings Fashion Treasures from NYC to YYC

In January 2013, Carrie travelled to the Garment District of New York City on a mission to find the right product to launch her online store – Carrie’s Closet. Her mind was initially set on finding jewelry, but as she toured the Garment District, a variety of items caught her eye.

When Carrie was strolling the streets of New York, a store window stole away her attention and this was where Carrie placed her first wholesale order and she began growing her online presence as a fashion purveyor.

Carrie’s Closet Hits the Fashion Market

Stocked up with armfuls of fashions that had stolen her fashionista heart, Carrie launched her online boutique and began her tour of local trade shows to flaunt and sell her fashion wonders. Carrie’s first order, however, wasn’t picked up by fashionistas as quickly as she had hoped. “I was shopping for things that I liked and not necessary for things that would sell.”

“I just look forthings that are unique.”

When Carrie was ready to put in another order for her store, she changed her business mindset. Carrie loves web analytics and took advantage of her experience of analyzing these statistics to better choose her inventory. It all started with blog posts – she would release posts on a specific topic and track its organic impact on the web. She applied this same concept to her experience at local trade shows.

Carrie discovered that she had to stock her store, not based on current trends and personal favourites, but on local and age group specific fashion interests – “What’s popular at the Calgary Woman’s Show is different than the Comic Expo”.

In addition, Carrie set her store merchandise apart from other brick & mortar stores – “I just look for things that are unique … I chose [fashions that] I can’t buy by walking into mall or boutique”.

Now, Carrie’s Closet is stocked with over 450 products, including fashion basics to edgy eye-catchers. Carrie has reached beyond NYC to restock her online boutique, and now items from all over the world, like Germany, are available to her shoppers.

Carrie’s Closet Fashion Passion

Carrie's ClosetCarrie’s favorite fashion garment is leggings – “I really have a passion for it”.

“Women are shaped so differently.

What my commitment is on my website

is that I measure every single brand that I order”.

Women carry their weight on their body differently and this changes what size she wears in tights. Be sure to measure yourself and compare the values with the sizes stated on each set of leggings listed in Carrie’s Closet.

Nearly 75% of Carrie’s Closet consists of leggings. “It’s a social experiment to a certain degree”, says Carrie when she analyzes how her shoppers respond to her vast selection of leggings.

The variations start at basic black and go up to include more eccentric patterns. “Some women roll their eyes. Some walk off laughing because [the patterns] are so ridiculous and some women just have to have them.”

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Carrie’s Closet
Carrie Paxson
1414 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB T2E 3K8
PH: 403-620-9487

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  1. Thank you so much Elle for the fantastic article! I am so excited to have my first retail location and so appreciate your support and talent!

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