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March 8, 2014

Reveal Your True Beauty

“Making women feel beautiful, one photo at a time”

Press Release: Reveal Your True Beauty - Life of Elle Calgary

Every woman is beautiful, no matter the culture, size, or shape. This is what Fela Dales of Fela Photography strives to prove through her beauty photography sessions.

“I have found there is empowerment on
discovering and revealing your inner beauty,
no matter weight or age.”

Earlier this year, Fela showcased “true beauty” through a couple of beauty photo sessions with two “ordinary, everyday” women and the response back from the community was spectacular. So, Fela teamed up with Bombay Beauty Loft and Studio Intent to expand the “Reveal Your True Beauty” project.

See it for yourself on Thursday, March 13th, 2014 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Studio Intent.

Reserve your seat: Reveal Your True Beauty

The Experience

Press Release: Reveal Your True Beauty - Life of Elle Calgary

A group of women underwent the “Reveal Your True Beauty” experience. Before arriving on location, each one filled out a questionnaire to share their interests and preferences – “because the whole idea is to portray their true beauty by bringing their inner beauty out”.

In addition, Fela asked the women to have one of their friends fill in the questionnaire as well. “This is good,” says Fela, “it’s a really good exercise for them because it gives them more insight on who they are and how are they perceived by the ones closest to them”.

When the “true beauty” women arrived on location, they were taken care of by Kada of Bombay Beauty Loft. Kada worked her magic with hair and makeup to bring out and accentuate the womens’ best features.

“I don’t wear make up …  and not good at doing anything with my hair … so would love to learn what I could do to be more beautiful,” says Kimberly, one of the “Reveal Your True Beauty” transformations.

After the women were dressed in beautiful garments and were styled by Studio Intent, their photoshoot began with Fela Photography.

“There’s not a lot of Photoshopping … I don’t make them look ten years younger or thinner or anything like that… it’s just them being themselves in front of the camera,” says Fela. She also stylizes the images to better suit the womens’ styles and personalities: “I play with their [favourite] colors and the colors their friends think represent them best to make it … more intimate and unique”.

Press Release: Reveal Your True Beauty - Life of Elle Calgary

Come out and view the inspiring
“Reveal Your True Beauty” photo exhibit
at Studio Intent!

or if you’re interested in holding a “Reveal Your True Beauty” event, contact Fela at

Reserve your seat: Reveal Your True Beauty

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