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March 20, 2014

#YYCscene: Fashion & Charity

The Love Her Gala

Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

“With great food, lovely decorum,
a pleasant atmosphere, and a great cause,
it was easy to be impressed by a gala
that went that extra mile to raise money for a noble cause.”

Amilee Hagon, Beauty Editor

Pre-show Celebration

Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary
Amilee and I attended a fantastic event on March 6th, 2014 at Hotel Arts – The Love Her Gala, “a fashionable event in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada“.

Patrons arrived in stylish cocktail wear, except for a few who donned baseball caps and ripped jeans. Did they miss the memo about the dress code?

As guests walked through the entrance of Hotel Arts, they were greeted by supporters of Ovarian Cancer Canada and were handed pins in the shape of a teal ribbon – symbol for awareness of ovarian cancer and support for those affected by it. Pre-show speeches and stories inspired the crowd and Kiss Photo immortalized the moments through their photo booth and event photography.

When the event hall doors open, event goers delighted in fantastic appetizers provided by Hotel Arts, pleasing melodies by Justine Tyrell Leach and Taylor Cullen, and an exciting silent auction filled with so many great items. Also, the team from Elizabeth Arden was on location pampering guests at their lipstick bar.

The Show

The entire evening was jam packed with entertainment, information, and inspiration.

Sophie Serafino in a sexy red dress started the stage show off with a wondrous performance on her violin. She worked the whole runway with her impressive feat on the violin, just wowing the audience.

Sophie Serafino - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

Jessica Holmes was next up on stage and she kept the crowd cheering with her rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” as Liza Minnelli.

Jessica Holmes - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

Jessica Holmes not only entertained the crowd with dance and song, she also emceed the show, proving that professional entertainers make great hosts for events. Jessica balanced the seriousness of Ovarian Cancer Awareness with light-hearted humour and positive energy. I was excited to hear that Jessica will be part of the Love Her event again in 2015.

The Love Her show also featured inspiring speeches from Diane Francis, Dave McGown, Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit, and Leslie Schroeder.

Diane Francis - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

Diane Francis
2014 Honourary Chair, LOVE HER Calgary

“Tonight we’re here in support of the 17,000 women living with this disease in Canada. Ovarian Canada has a devastating effect on families everywhere.”

Scientists are faced with the biggest challenges right now in detecting ovarian cancer earlier in the progression. All we can do right now is “rely on doctors and nurses to support and treat women and their families throughout their difficult journey” and spread awareness to attract support financially, psychologically, and politically.

Dave McGown - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary Dave McGown
Vice President Government, Regulatory and Public Affairs CIBC

“I am very proud to be part of the CIBC leadership team where we are committed to helping Ovarian Cancer Canada continue its work across the country as the only national charity dedicated to overcoming Ovarian Cancer.”

Ovarian Cancer is an often overlooked and under diagnosed cancer. Progress in cancer treatment requires investment and research. There has been some recent significant findings to better treat ovarian cancer, but there is still a very long way to go.

Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle CalgaryDr. Lynne-Marie Postovit
Sawin-Baldwin Chair in Ovarian Cancer
Associate Professor, Department of Oncology at University of Alberta

“It’s so important because the statistics of Ovarian Cancer is dismal … over half the women who get ovarian cancer will die from that disease.”

Based on the histories of other cancers, the future of treatment for ovarian cancer looks optimistic. For example, breast cancer currently has a survival rate of 88 percent – since the late 80s, there has been an improvement of more than 42 percent in survival from breast cancer. These advancements are a result of research in technologies and treatments. “We are on the cusp of some major discoveries” for ovarian cancer research and through mobilization of society to continue research and support, the same kind of progress as breast cancer research can be expected.

Leslie Schroeder - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle CalgaryLeslie Schroeder
Ovarian Cancer Survivor

“I am evidence that [all the donations to Ovarian Cancer] have helped.”

Leslie’s life story is filled with the ups and downs of human nature: love, hope, inner strength, sadness, and fear. Leslie was diagnosed with stage 3C of ovarian cancer – a stage where only 30 percent of women do not survive past five years. She was treated and her cancer went into remission. Two years later, the cancer returned. Now, in remission again, Leslie says, “the way I was  treated this time was significantly different than last time and that’s because research is happening and progress has been made”.

After the speeches, the energy shifted as the fashion show from OOH LA LA and Foremans began. The runway show started with a spring/summer outfit from OOH LA LA – the model took it off to reveal a two piece swimsuit. The crowd “oh”ed and gasped. The audience’s attention never left the runway again.

The Love Her show ended with a truly successful live auction to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Canada. The crowd cheered and applauded as patrons bidded for great items. Dinner at the Fire Hall was one of the most lively auctions, resulting in rewarding two patrons with two separate dinners and raising $10, 000 for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

For more information, visit The Love Her Gala
or to support Ovarian Cancer Canada, visit Ovarian Cancer Canada


Code Kitty Design

Favorite Styles of the Night

WomenswearOOH LA LA

Ooh la la - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle CalgaryOoh la la - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

Ooh la la - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle CalgaryOoh la la - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

Menswear – Foremans

Foremans - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle CalgaryForemans - Love Her Gala - Life of Elle Calgary

Closing Walk

Sophia Models International

Beauty Partner
Elizabeth Arden

Hair Partner
Jason Fournier Hair Design

Shoe Partner
Gravity Pope

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