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February 28, 2014

MakeFashion 2.0
Wearable technology x Couture Fashion

Make Fashion 2.0 - Life of Elle Calgary

Photo by AYuen.Photo

Over the course of six months, Aman Dhalay of Javeda and Elle Nguyen of Code Kitty Design teamed up to create an elegant piece of Couture Fashion crossed with interactive technology.

Last year, MakeFashion, “an initiative that introduces talented local designers to cutting edge new technologies, subject matter experts, and wearable technology”, released a casting call for artist submissions of wearable technology. Inspired by the creations of MakeFashion’s first show, Elle Nguyen approached Aman Dhalay of Javeda to collaborate on a piece that would dazzle the crowd.

“I know the push is for the technical side of wearable technology, but I want to make sure that Fashion is also very prominent in our piece,” says Elle. That’s why she approached the designer of Javeda by Aman Dhalay. “Javeda pieces are very detailed and finely made – Javeda just seemed like the obvious choice for a team up!”

The Dragon Queen

The Dragon Queen dress is a traditional Indian cut style piece of soft net fabric, decorated with jewel stone embroidery and hand crafted embellishments. The bottom border of the dress is laced in Kundan work (traditional Indian embroidery), along with Chinese character applique work – showcasing the characters for “Fashion”.

The dress is underlined with a beautiful paisley, self-printed satin fabric matched with a black lace overlay.

Make Fashion 2.0 - Life of Elle Calgary

The dragon itself is made of thin aluminum, shaped to form a winding form around the dress. “Jeremie of EZ-Robot was a lifesaver!” says Elle. Initially, the movements of the dragon were powered by muscle wire, but the motions were subtle and Elle was concerned that the audience would not notice the subtleties on the runway.

“Jeremie showed me the powerful capabilities of EZ-Robot’s creations and I knew that that would solve all my robotics problems. The Dragon Queen would have been nothing but fashion without the help of Jeremie.”

The Dragon Queen will rise Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at MakeFashion 2.0.
Tickets available here: MakeFashion 2.0

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