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August 14, 2013


Never Locked Down
for too long

Whenever Elle says that she’s busy, no one doubts that fact.
Honestly, it’s an understatement.
Everyday Elle finds herself in a new project that tests her sanity.


August 2013 Photo Editorial - Life of Elle Canada

It’s true. I do accept more work and projects than I can handle. I have spent a lot of consecutive sleepless night toiling away on getting the details right, testing the limits of my physical body. Then, the very next day, I work the full day, presenting my project. There is no rest.

BUT I don’t need rest. I need the satisfaction.

My Motivation: I am a little snot. I don’t always do what I do just because I’m passionate about the project. A lot of the time I do what I do because someone out there said I can’t.

The only thing I can’t do is that I can’t help myself from proving them wrong. I would rather waste away and burn myself out.

Another strong motivation is when people come to me for help. I can never say NO to people in need. These people are the reasons why I have so many diverse skills.

If I can’t do what is requested of me, I research, learn, and become proficient at whatever skill that is required from me.

Passion is still one of my top motivators. Since I delve so deep into my projects, I do develop a Stockholm syndrome for the project that captures me.

August 2013 Photo Editorial - Life of Elle Canada


August 2013 Photo Editorial - Life of Elle Canada

Lessons Learned: I have learned to turn down projects when I know that I cannot complete them. It’s tough on the heart to turn people away, but it’s better that they find someone who can complete the project than be disappointed.

I have accepted that fact that I can’t be good at everything. It’s more important that my quality of work remains competitive. So, I am constantly refining and testing my skills everyday.

With so many skills to perfect, mastery may seem like a faraway dream, but my skill calibre and skill diversity right now do keep my competitors on their toes.


August 2013 Photo Editorial - Life of Elle Canada

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