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July 8, 2013

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2013 Sugar Show

2013 Sugar Show


Amilee and I attended the event at Black Betty Burger + Winebar, featuring The Sugar Cube and Sugar Strings Swimwear. The setup was dark and definitely had a club atmosphere. When I was watching the girls twirl around scantily clad in swimwear, I had a terrible urge to throw money on the “stage”. Isn’t that a terrible thing to say?!

There just wasn’t enough “fashion” to make it stand apart from club scene show. I’m not saying that it wasn’t enjoyable, but to claim that was a fashion runway is another issue. Without question, the crowd did enjoy it and the models as well.

Personally, I would have like to have seen more of the “fashion” that the lead ladies were wearing … cute patterned tops with sheer, flowy bottoms.

Did you attend? What are your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “2013 Sugar Show

  1. Gary Evans says:

    Nope. That was definitely a miss on my calendar. I’ve seen this kind of tawdry entertainment event under the guise of a “fashion” show format done way too many times before. It’s just not something that can even be classified as a fashion show or event. It is, quite simply put, little more than mass titillation for the drunken patrons who regularly inhabit these night clubs. I’m betting most of the people who were there didn’t even come for the purpose of seeing a worthwhile runway.

    These types of events typically lack class and sophistication, for the most part. I have yet to see one rise above the threshold of borderline exhibitionism and questionable taste. That is not to say that the clothing (or lack thereof) wasn’t done well, but the method by which the products were marketed and advertised rarely leaves me with any inspiration to follow up on any purchase notion. I find it sad that it always comes down to pandering to the classless and often clueless masses.

    Can we raise the bar…just a little, Calgary? Or are we doomed to a future of similar low brow affairs?

  2. sara says:

    Hey! are there any other fashion events coming up for 2013?

    1. Elle Nguyen says:

      Yes! YYC Fashion Week is coming up on the 25-27th. The Park Industry Mixer is on the 25th. The Make Fashion launch event is Sept 26. Parkluxe is Oct 5th. So many!

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