June 1, 2013

Design Meets Fashion
MAH JONG – Modular Sofa

Video: Roche Bobois

It was love at first sight …

  … seven years ago when I first walked into Roche Bobois here in Calgary. I fell in love with this amazing piece of furniture! All I could think was how much fun it would be to own something where you can rearrange your living space with endless configurations and possibilities! Isn’t that amazing? Oh yes!

Mah Jong - Modular Sofa - Roche Bobois - Life of Elle Calgary


The choice of fabrics and colors is what makes the Mah Jong collection even more fun. You can choose from vibrant hues and fabric textures, down tone it with softer shades, or just mix it up! Like I mentioned earlier: “Endless possibilities”!

In terms of comfort, I have to admit, compared to many sofas, this was the most comfortable low seating collection ever. If you’re worried about it being too low to sit, you can actually custom design the pieces to your tastes: stack them up for extra height or keep them low to the ground.

The Creation

Mah Jong was created in 1971 by Hans Hopfer. The sofa took its name from the Chinese game played with 136 tiles,  shuffled and reshuffled to produced near endless configurations – a distinctive and attractive feature of the Mah Jong furniture collection.

Creative Partners

Mah Jong Couture - Jean Paul Gaultier - Modular Sofa - Roche Bobois - Life of Elle Calgary

[pinit image_url=”” description=”Mah Jong Couture – Jean Paul Gaultier – Modular Sofa – Roche Bobois – Life of Elle Calgary”]

The original design was just one solid, neutral color. As the years went by, Roche Bobois called upon other talented design houses and individuals to dress the new editions of Mah Jong: Kenzo Maison, Missoni Home, and the well-known fashion icon, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Kenzo Maison, known for their exclusive selection of fabrics, brought the mixture of colors to Mah Jong, combining ethnic and very unique floral prints. The Kenzo fabrics gives life to the Mah Jong collection.

Mah Jong Couture - Missoni Home - Modular Sofa - Roche Bobois - Life of Elle Calgary
[pinit image_url=”” description=”Mah Jong Couture – Missoni Home – Modular Sofa – Roche Bobois – Life of Elle Calgary”]

Missoni Home, the sophisticated Italian fashion house, added detailing of the iconic zig-zag stripes and redefine floral fabrics to create that Couture feel.

We all know Jean Paul Gaultier for his unique sailor style fashion and tattoo prints. To enhance the Mah Jong collection, this French designer creatively dressed each piece with motifs and fabric prints from his fashion line – a great example of fashion meeting interior design!


The design is based on total freedom in function and form. Each component is handmade in Italy. Similar processes and techniques like those in the Haute Couture fashion design are used to create Mah Jong.

Tremendous amounts of attention to the fabrics and detailing of this collection makes Mah Jong a one-of a kind creation. The pieces allows limitless options of composition, giving your space a new look every time you change it. Decorate your space with an armchair, sofa, or lounge chair, or join all the pieces together to make a comfortable place to rest and entertain.

Depending on the shape, design, and fabric, each piece ranges anywhere from $700 to $4000 CAD. Mah Jong can be purchased exclusively at Roche Bobois located in Vancouver and Calgary.

Calgary Location:
225 10th Ave S.W

For more details, visit Roche Bobois.

Images: Roche Bobois


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2 thoughts on “The Mah Jong – Comfort | Creative

  1. Elle Nguyen says:

    Sigh! Now I want a Mah Jong lounge chair for my office. The patterns and colors of the Missoni Home Collection would light up my room!

  2. Aman says:

    Me tooo!!! I’m in love this design concept since the past 10 years! It’s super fun!

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