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June 26, 2013

Post-Apocalyptic Must Haves

The Dilemma

The Earth has seen some tragic disasters and End-of the-World movies perhaps overly dramatize such events – but what if they don’t? What if End-of-the-World theatrical events actually occur?

You have just endured the worst Earthly disaster ever and now you have to get your life together again and start a new.

No work.
No home.
No staffed/stocked convenience stores.
No McDonald’s Coffee.

All you have is your Post-Apocalyptic supplies.

What will you need in this new devastating world?

Survive the Apocalypse | The Essentials

Lifesaver - Post-Apocalyptic Must-Haves - Life of Elle Calgary

Source: Lifesaver



Approx: $1500 CAD

Stock up for 12 years with this emergency pack that will store up to 60, 000 litres of safe drinking water. Wrapped in Military Grade Foil, your preserved water can be stored up to 10 years, and once opened the water will stay fresh for five years.


MRE Meals - Post-Apocalyptic Must Haves - Life of Elle Calgary

Source: Amazon

MRE Meals made by
The US Department of Defense

Approx. $140 CAD

You won’t be able to carry multiple cases while travelling, but be sure to stock up as many cases as you can at your home base before the Apocalypse.

Amazingly, you get 12 DIFFERENT meals in each case. You also receive wheat snack bread, instant coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, pepper, wet nap, and a napkin – you will eat in post-apocalyptic luxury!


Vivos 8

Approx: Super Pricey

Assuming the earth’s terrain isn’t insanely roughed up by the Apocalypse, you could be one in a million people to have your own underground shelter with all the luxuries and amenities of modern-day life.

This home will have NBC and Class 10 HEPA grade air filtration, dual blast doors, 8 kW slow turning diesel generator, 640 sf of living space, 24 inch thick concrete or steel reinforced walls, floor, & ceiling, home electronics & appliances, laundry, and the list goes on…

**An Elle Wishlist Item


Xelement - Post-Apocalyptic Must Haves - Life of Elle Calgary

Source: Xelement

Xelement Level 3 Armored Clothing

Approx: $160 CAD

Lightweight, less bulky and with a higher impact absorption, these garments are waterproof and breathable – perfect for post-apocalyptic defense against natural elements and … maybe zombies.


Code Kitty Design

Survive the Apocalypse | The Essentials (cont.)


Cellphone Case - Be The Best on eBay - Life of Elle Calgary

A Smartphone

You’ll need a source of entertainment so you won’t be driven to insanity. Your smartphone should be loaded beforehand with music, movies, books, and entertaining apps.

Don’t forget to make notes, draw your own maps, and take full advantage of the tools the smartphone has! You may not be able to make calls, but you can still be smart and find other uses for your phone.


Pocket Socket 2

Approx. $70 CAD

You will have to find a way to keep your smartphone and other devices charged – The Pocket Socket is the answer! This hand-cranked generator provides electrical power anywhere, anytime.

**An Elle Wishlist Item


 Tout Terrain Bicycle – X-Over

Tout Terrain - Post-Apocalyptic Must Haves - Life of Elle Calgary

Source: Tout Terrain

Approx. $2600 CAD starting

Tout Terrain bicycles, according to BikeRadar, are “smooth, silent, and supremely comfortable”, even on rough roads. I chose this bicycle model for its low maintenance requirement and winter-proofing.

With a bicycle, you can maneuver around ruins better and you don’t have to worry about gasoline! Contrary to Apocalypse movie belief, gasoline degrades over a year (even in just a few months!) and becomes unusable.



Approx. $750 CAD

A Tool. A Weapon. Easier to store. The Kukri is a lighter weight blade that can be used to chop, pierce, slash, and smash.


The Wiki Reader

Wiki Reader - Post-Apocalyptic Must Haves - Life of Elle Calgary

Source: WikiReader – on Amazon

Approx. $35 CAD

Have the information on the whole world at the palm of your hand with WikiReader – “The Internet without the Internet”. Running off 2 AAA batteries, you have access to millions of Wikipedia articles to build and grow your knowledge. In the Post-Apocalyptic world, I bet you will find the time to go through a few articles at least. The memory on the device is limited to the size of the microSD card that you use, and the information can be updated whenever you find access to the Internet.

Featured Image by


Yeats Magic Co.

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