June 21, 2013

The Evolution Makeup and Makeup Regimens
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It used to be that makeup was a very quick and simple regime. Simple being that we didn’t have as many options as we do now. We are so lucky to have nearly endless choices and options.

With the advances in technology, we have foundations that can match our skin tones, primers that can make our makeup last longer, and pigments that are so varied for makeup on lips, cheeks, and eyes that the possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind that there were many different styles and products out there in each era that aren’t mentioned in these tutorials. Depending on who you were, makeup was worn differently. This variation is more evident in the 1950s and onwards.

The Evolution Makeup and Makeup Regimens
The 1920s
Source: Dr

Source: Dr

Makeup was inspired by
the flapper fashions of the time.


Be A Flapper Girl

Amilee Hagon

A flapper girl was a woman who wanted to stand out among her peers by dressing differently and wearing unconventional makeup.

She did things that a lady before this era would have never been caught doing, such as driving cars at break neck speeds, attending clubs and bars, smoking, swearing, and generally being far from the image of a respectable lady.

A woman regarded as a flapper in our time would be anyone who dresses or looks outside the norm.  Famous “flapper girls” of our time would most likely include Cher, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Lady Gaga.

Modern Day
Flapper Women

Flapper women - Life of Elle Calgary

Lady Gaga: E! Online; Cher:; Madonna: OK Magazine; Cyndi Lauper: The Misery Chicks

Products Used in the 1920s

Armand - Source: - Life of Elle Calgary Cream Foundation & Powder
Source: cosmetics and skin
Source: To the Twenties - Life of Elle Calgary Eye Shadows
Source: To the Twenties
Source: AllBeautyBrands - Life of Elle Calgary Eyebrow Pencil
Source: All Beauty Brands
Louise Brooks - Source: Beauty Squared - Life of Elle Calgary Eye Liner
Source: Beauty Squared
Photoplay - Source: fashionsonic - Life of Elle Calgary Lipstick
Source: fashionsonic

Other images from the time, however,  show that other women chose not to wear the bee stung lips and heavily darkened eyes. Instead, they opted for something a bit softer and more natural.  The “lady like” image was still there, but makeup was changing very quickly.


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