June 30, 2013

Exploration of Fragrance Series – Part I

Amilee Hagon

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a line of my own, whether it was going to be cosmetics or fragrance or both! I am determined now to expand my creativity to places I’ve never gone before – getting out of the comfort zone is exactly where I want to be.

If you’ve read my biography, you would know that I am a huge Dungeons & Dragons gamer.  This game, my favorite tool for evoking creativity, is to be my platform for what I am hoping will be a huge success.

When this idea first came to me, my next step was to find someone to concoct the scents. Immediately I thought of Sandra at The Beehive in Kensington. We determined that it would be better to create essential oil concoctions instead of actual perfume. Perfume needs a lot of care and attention and can be dangerous. Secondly, essential oil concoctions can be more versatile – not only will the fragrances be wearable, they also become a product to be used as air fresheners to set a particular gaming mood.

What essential oils were safe?
Which ones went best together?
How was I going to market myself?
What would the packaging look like?
What would be the names of the essential oil blends?

In the end, I created nine unique
Dungeons & Dragons inspired scents.


Leathery musk, Powerful & Noble

Marjoram: Warm and Spicy

Cedar – Woody & slightly Animal like

Hint of Nutmeg & Bay


Bergamot: Fresh, Clean, & Good

Cypress: Fresh, Alive, & Fruity

Juniper, Pine Needle: Refreshing

Orange: Lively, Fruity, Sweet


Incense, strange scents, book smell, & a hint of burnt wood

Clary Sage: Spicy & Bittersweet

Rosemary & Camphor: Fresh

Sandalwood: Sweet, Woody, & Warm


Spices, Rare smells, & Mystery

Clove bud: Spicy, Fruity, Warm

Frankincense: Spicy, Green, slightly Peppery

Rosewood: Sweet, Woody, Floral with Nutmeg aroma


Rich, Decadent, & Clean

Coriander Seed: Spicy, Aromatic, & Sweet

Lavender: Sweet & Floral

Palmarosa: Floral, Rosey,  & Grassy


Hint of Roses & light Spice with Mystery & Intrigue

Rose Oil: Floral & Sweet

Patchouli: Earthy, Sweet, Woody, and Spicy

Sandalwood: Sweet, Woody, & Warm


Floral, earthy

Bergamot: Fresh, Fruity, & Sweet

Basil Sweet: Green & Floral, & Sweet

Carrot Seed: Dry & Woody


Campfire & Grass

Amyris – Woody, slightly sweet

Chamomile – Sweet, tobacco like, fruity /Myrrh – Warm and spicy aroma


Rich, Clean, & Good

Lemongrass: Lemony & Grassy

Vanilla: Lingering Sweet

Ylang Ylang: Intensely Floral, Sweet, & Jasmine-like

I am pleased to announce that the first round of samples are ready for testing.

Stay tuned for more updates as things unfold!


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