June 4, 2013

Love of Blooms
Asiatic Lilies – Matrix

This bi-color beauty is great for Calgary’s weather. This lily prefers filtered to full sunlight, but avoid planting the flower in hot sun – the flowers will wither quickly.

Keep the plant well watered in good drainage soil. Fertilize every other week. If desired, deadhead withered flowers. The flowers are sterile, so the lily does not expend energy on seed production.

The Matrix lily can tolerate cold weathers as low as -34°C, but heavily mulch the base in autumn to keep the roots and bulbs from freezing. Cut off dead stalks.

New bulbs should be planted 5 to 7 cm deep, if planted into containers. If planting into flower bed, place the bulbs 10 to 15 cm deep.

The Process – By Removing Scales (from Autumn to Spring)
1. After the lily has finished flowering, carefully dig up the lily.
2. Remove dirt from roots and scales.
3. With a sharp knife, remove a scale from the basal plate – cut as close  to the basal plate as you can without cutting in too deep.
4. Place scale in a container of  moist soil mix and put container in a warm, well-lit area.
5. A bulblet will form on the scale within a few weeks. When the bulbet is around 1 cm big, open container to reduce humidity and acclimatize scales to the humidity of the area.
6. When roots form, place the scale at a room temperature of 4°C to activate dormancy.
7. Plant the scale in the spring after last frost.





Gardening Journal

June 4, 2013 – Earlier in February, only two of my scales were ready to pot, but only one has survived to now. It is a bit limp, but a flower bud has formed on the stem! I repotted it outside in full sun. Hopefully, the plant will liven up. I’ll have to attach it to a stake to make sure it grows upright. I should have planted the bulb deeper – the shallow depth may be the reason why my plant is so floppy.

Asiatic Lily - Matrix - Life of Elle Calgary

I have five scales left – all but one have ~1 cm long bulbets attached. I’ve planted them all outside in the front yard – full shade to part sun.

Asiatic Lily - Matrix - Life of Elle CalgaryAsiatic Lily - Matrix - Life of Elle Calgary

July 15, 2012 – I just bought an Asiatic Lily – Matrix from Home Depot for $3.50. I love Asiatic Lilies for their hardiness and ease to propagate. They also grow very well in my front yard flower bed, which receives afternoon to early evening daylight. I wanted to plant this beauty in the front flower bed, but I love the color soooooooo much, I decided to brighten up the kitchen with its gorgeous colors.

I picked a lily that had healthy roots growing out of the bottom of the pot and still had a fresh flower bud. I repotted the lily into a 1 inch deeper pot and placed it by the sunny kitchen window.

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