May 7, 2013

Beauty Love: White Tattoos

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I’ve always wanted to get a white tattoo and I am currently in the planning stages of doing so. White tattoos are a bit more elegant than your regular tattoos and far less in your face. Usually seen with gentle swirls and graceful patterns, they are certainly made to embrace a more poetic and subtle side of the craft.

One of the interesting things…

White tattoos in particular creates almost, what I would call, a scarring effect on the skin. On my current tattoo, I have some white in the bees on my arm and that color in particular is certainly more raised than the other ink colors.

Like any tattoo, it is important to think things through first: Tattoos: The Stories behind the Ink

The featured tattoo artist, Steve Sklepic (Kamakazi Ink), in the article, Tattoos: The Stories behind the Ink, says:

“I personally don’t recommend them and try to talk people out of them. I just feel that, while tattooing has come a long way, there are still limitations. Sadly, doing a tattoo using only white ink and expecting it to hold up over time is one such limitation.”

“Realistically, unless you’re an albino with a sun allergy, the chances of it holding over time are slim to none. You gotta think: the sun can strip paint off of a car; imagine what it does to your skin. Ultimately, if you are going to get an all white tattoo, I’d say put it somewhere that’s not going to get a lot of sun exposure.”

“Much like getting a solid black tattoo, there’s so much more you can accomplish artistically using the same subject matter applied to a full color or black and grey piece.”

My Personal Thoughts

Though the ones you see are beautiful, they might not be the best idea unless you’re not going to expose it to a lot of sunlight. I have white ink on a tattoo on my arm and I haven’t seen a breakdown of the product. It is, however, not entirely white.

Perhaps technology will help aid with creating a longer lasting ink to keep up with this new trending fad. Perhaps not, and in twenty years, those tattoos may transform into some very ugly blobs that used to be white tattoos.

Either way, I am still in love with them, and I would get one in a heartbeat because of their beauty. We will see!


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2 thoughts on “I’ve always wanted a White Tattoo …

  1. Alexis says:

    Any luck finding a tattoo artist in Calgary willing to do white tattoos?

    1. Amilee Hagon says:

      Most of them will but they’ll want to put some amount of color in. I’d go see Niki Nix at Immaculate Concept on 17th.

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