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March 19, 2013

Cure the Winter Blues - Life of Elle Calgary

Contributor: Amilee Hagon

Facial Care

Bourjois Rose Exclusif and Smashbox O-Gloss

Rose Exclusif Lipgloss Smashbox-O-GlossAmazing, amazing, amazing!!!

I haven’t seen a gloss do something so beautifully subtle in a long, long time. What I love about this gloss is that it adjusts with your skin’s pH level, giving you a unique pink that’s all your own. No two shades are the same and the colors are never blaring pink or off shade.

Personally, I like the pink that the Smashbox O-Gloss gives versus the Bourjois but that doesn’t mean I dislike Rose Exclusif any less!

Price: O-Gloss: $25; Rose Exclusif: $20

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Smashbox Love Me Collection

Smashbox Love Me CollectionWith a street flare that gives a rock chic ambience, Smashbox Love Me Collection feels luxurious from the packaging right down to the product. I have had the pleasure of playing with several of the shadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

So far, I am not disappointed. The product is designed with the art of Curtis Kulig who is famous for this “Love Me” mark. This artist and Smashbox were made for each other. Smashbox has always been about street chic style and honest makeup.

Did you know they don’t use Photoshop in any of their advertisements?  There has yet to be a product from Smashbox that I am not happy with. The Love Me Collection is on sale anywhere you can find Smashbox: Murale, Shoppers Beauty Boutiques, and Sephora.

Price: Shadows: $34; Paint Pen Eye Liner: $24; Blush: $28; Lipstick: $19; Enhancing Gloss: $19

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Annabelle CC Cream

Annabelle CC CreamJust hot of the presses, Annabelle’s CC Cream has caused a stir in the foundation world. Called a Color Correcting Cream, this is supposed to be the next step up from a BB Cream.

I have yet to try out the product thoroughly, however, I have tested the texture and coverage and found that it does make my skin tone more even and covers better than a BB Cream I’m looking forward to researching this product further and will have a full report in March on this new and innovative foundation.

Annabelle doesn’t list their prices online and this product is very new to Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers Drug Mart prices are usually low, so you can get a very low cost product of such high performance.

Image Source: Annabelle

NARS Spring Collection

NARS Spring CollectionBright. Holy cow. Too bright for the eyes, really. It seems that NARS is taking a page from their rival M.A.C in releasing bright kitschy colors. That’s not to say that it is a bad thing as bright colors are a hit this spring, especially for lips.

NARS, however, has opted to coat the eyes and cheeks in bright colors and keep the lip natural in shade. I really want to try out the nail polish and maybe the Berry Blush Seductions. You can find this collection at SephoraMurale, or The Bay.

Price: Nail Polish: $21; Berry Blush Seductions: $32; Dressed to Kill lipstick: $30; Eyeshadow duos: $39; Persia Single eyeshadow: $28; Soft touch shadow pencil: $28; Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil: $32

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Rimmel’s Apocalips Stain Collection

Rimmel's Apocalips Stain CollectionIf you’ve never tried a stain, I would recommend giving these a try. I haven’t personally tried it out yet, but “The Glossy Guide” gives the stains a review that is glowing.

This stain is something I haven’t seen out in Canada stores yet, but it is coming. Although it feels like a gloss,  it is still a stain and can last almost all day. Apocalips comes in some pretty bright colors and totally worth the price. As I have always said, don’t knock the lower priced brands. They’ll surprise you! You can find Rimmel at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Price: $10

Image Source: Rimmel London


Escada: Cherry in the Air

Escada: Cherry in the AirSeriously, if you haven’t smelled this fragrance, you need to get down to Shoppers ASAP and have a sniff. It smells exactly like cherries and it isn’t overpowering.

To be honest, this has got to be one of the few fruity fragrances that I have fallen in love with. Escada Cherry in the Air is a limited edition fragrance and available at Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora. The one thing I have noticed from this fragrance is that it does fade to a very, very light scent after 4 hours of wear. So if you don’t like your scents to fade over time, this may not be the product for you.

Price: $65

Image Source: Escada

Body Care

Shiseido Body Creator

Shiseido Body CreatorAlthough hard to find unless you visit a Shiseido counter at The Bay or Sears, this product smells divine and its texture is smooth and silky – not sticky at all.

I want to try Shiseido Body Creator out since it claims that it is able to help, not only with cellulite, but with fat. I personally don’t have much of either, but for what I do have I would like to get under control.

There have been mixed reviews about this product but Shiseido has been a pioneer of skin care breakthroughs time and time again. I’d truly like to see how this product works and if it is worth its price tag.

Price: $55

Image Source: Shiseido

Hair Care

L’Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre hair color

L'oreal Ombre Hair ColorWhen I am ready to update my hair color, I really want to try out this “soon to be released” show stopping hair dye. I love L’Oreal. In fact, I just tried out their cream bleach and it didn’t irritate my hair at all. I had no damage and no frizz!

This product gives that soft ombre look to hair that I would love to see in longer hair lengths. I can’t wait to see how this product works out! I haven’t seen them on shelves yet, but the L’Oreal website says they will be released this month.

Price: $13

Image Source: L’Oreal


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