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March 29, 2013

The Jetpack

Strap on that Jetpack!

Remember when jetpacks were only featured in fictional stories or as invention fumbles?
Flyboard - Life of Elle CalgaryNow, Rocky Mountain Flyboard has turned this dream into a reality by converting the power in a personal watercraft into a personal water jetpack.

The Flyboard kit redirects the water pressure of a personal watercraft into two nozzles located right under your feet to give you that incredible lift. Additional flow through the hand nozzles allows you to stabilize yourself, giving you that Ironman superhuman power!

If you are ever travelling down to Utah, USA, make sure to check out the Rocky Mountain Flyboard and tell us about your experience!


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Flyboard - Life of Elle Calgary

Claiming to be able to shoot a 255 lbs person up 9 meters into the sky and zoom that same person through a water environment at a speed of 30 km/hr, Flyboarding is quite the attractive extreme water sport for summer!

Spin around in a tsunami, rocket into the sky, or propel yourself like a dolphin. The Flyboard definitely looks like a sport for the fit and active.

Notice how nearly all the Flyboarders are muscular, young men? I think that it takes a lot of stamina, strength, and weight to fully appreciate the Flyboard fun. I also think a little 100 lbs breakable, unfit female like me may not make it very far on a Flyboard. I’d probably be one of those sunglasses claded girls cheering on the male Flyboarders … so sad, but more likely true …

Photos fromĀ Rocky Mountain Flyboard

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