March 30, 2013

A Place to Call Home
A Space made to be Green with Envy

Green with Envy - Life of Elle Calgary

By Aman Dhalay

Emerald Green has been declared as the design color for 2013 (, but I don’t want to get locked into just the one trendy tone. I would love to be able use and work with all the different shades of green: lime, forest, celadon, sage, jade, etc. Also, green pairs beautifully with brown, white, or black.

Green with Envy - Life of Elle Calgary

We often relate the color green to youth, life, and strength. It is a color found all around us, making it a great background color to use in interior design and decor because we are so used to seeing it everywhere. It just feels natural to our eyes. Growing up as a child, I always heard my grandmother tell us that we should walk on the green grass early in the morning. It is not just only soothing to your eyes but also a color that keeps everything feeling alive.

When I started designing the interior of my home, the first thing I wanted was the space to be spacious, comfortable, and cozy. So I decided to go with a modern design concept using neutral colors for the background (whites and chocolate browns). To have pinches of color here and there, I chose lime green as my main accent color. Having crisp white walls gives any room a peaceful environment and if you use light colors in smaller spaces, it makes the room feel bigger.

For furniture, I wanted the space to look modern and feel open and airy. So I chose very sleek and clean line furniture pieces. To get the cozy feeling, I used a neutral brown for larger objects, such as the flooring, furniture, and window treatments. Lime green, my main accent color, was featured in all my accessories: lamps, pillows, vases, area rug, and wall art.

Spacious and elegant, this living room is all ready for a family gathering. The result is a fresh modern look and an extremely comfortable, inviting space that feels relaxing after a long hard working day.


Brown Sectional Sofa – EQ3
White Glossy Coffee Table – Revolve Furnishing
Area Rug – Urban Barn
Accent Pieces – HomeSense, Urban Barn, Home Evolution
Dining Table – EQ3
Pillows – Home Sense, Urban Barn
Panel Curtains – Ikea
Lighting – Home Sense, Ikea
Wall Art – Hand Painted by Aman Dhalay


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