February 25, 2013

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Beauty Plants for Your Garden

Beauty Plants for Your Garden - Photo Source from - Life of Elle Calgary

It’s getting close to gardening season and for those of us who love to grow for practical use, there are things you can and can’t grow in the Canadian climate.

For Calgary, the following are some plants that, while also fragrant and beautiful to look at, are very useful for your beauty regiment!

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You might call it a weed, but you’d be surprised at its versatility both as a food and as a beauty product.

  • Amazing emmolient
  • Great for extremely dry skin
  • A must have for elderly skin
  • Good in the bath
  • High in Vitamins A and C

If you live in Calgary, you already know that you don’t need much to get these beauties to grow.

If you want them to grow in a controlled environment and not spread all over your lawn, be sure to harvest the yellow flowers as soon as they blossom.

Keep dandelions in full shade to ensure the richest flavors!

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A fragrant delight, it also has amazing anti-aging properties and can be found in many firming lotions.

  • Promotes collagen production
  • Toner for dry skin

Roses require a heavy almost clay-like soil that is rich in nutrients and heavily saturated.  Roses don’t need heavy watering but daily watering should be observed.

Roses loves being in full sun, but if it’s not possible, at least 4 hours of sun will do.

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Amazing for Rosacea, sunburns, and sensitive skin, Chamomile is most known for its calming properties.  It helps to soothe and refresh the face.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Can be used for skin/eye
  • Makes a fantastic toner
  • Good in the bath

To grow this plant, you will need soil that is light and sandy with good drainage.

Chamomile requires full sun or very partial shade and occasional watering.

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Known not only for its anti-bacterial properties and calming abilities, Lavender is a popular choice both for its healing qualities, as well as its beautiful color and fragrant scent.

  • Used to calm itchy scalp
    and irritated skin
  • Can treat acne, psorasis
    and eczema

Lavender loves dry and sunny weather and soil that is sandy. Water sparingly. They are a desert plant after all.

Occasionally treat them to fertilizer, but don’t over feed them.

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DMacStudios Makeup



A very soothing plant, it is used mainly to do just that and can calm irritated skin.

  • Prevents pimples
    and treats rashes
  • Soothing as a facial

Mint grows really well in Calgary and surrounding areas.  It is easy to simply plant it wherever you’d like, though it prefers full sun to shade.  Water occasionally.

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  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Disinfectant
  • Astringent
  • Often used in anti-aging
    as it tones and firms
  • Treats Acne, dermatitis and eczema
  • Reduces puffiness and
    stimulates blood flow
  • Improves the complexion

Popular for its cooking aspects,  it’s also a great product to use for your beauty as well. It has a very long list of beautiful qualities.

This is another plant that adores the conditions of hot and dry. Keep rosemary in a full sun place. Water regularly but sparingly and makes sure that it’s soil isn’t over-saturated.

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Common Sunflower

Such a wonderful plant and one of my personal favourites, you’ll see plenty of these adorning my property during Summer. I use them for more than just their magnificent 12 feet of floral display.

  • Treatment for inflammation
  • Leaves can be used to treat bites,
    sores, and swelling
  • Plant juice used to treat cuts

Sunflowers grow wonderfully in Calgary and require very little maintenance (unless your garden is over run with weeds like mine was).  Just be sure to water occasionally to keep the soil just a little moist, give them full sun to partial shade, and watch them grow!

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That  flower everyone loves to plant actually has healing properties! It is usually used on cuts and burns to help with repair!

  • Treat slow to heal wounds,
    cuts, burns, and bruises
  • Helps with oral inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral,

This pretty plant requires full sun to partial shade.  They work wonderfully as a edging plant and I have several growing in my gardens.

They require occasional watering and a good sturdy soil.  Did you know they also repel ants?

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WhiteSweetCloverCWhite Sweet Clover

Actually something that many people will overlook as it is found usually along the roadside, Clover is very good as an insect repellent and wonderful at treating external issues.

  • Acne Treatment
  • External Ulcer Treatment
  • Good for Sunburns

Clover is as vigilant as dandelions and daffodils. You shouldn’t have problems planting and growing these plants, but be aware that they will attempt to take over your garden.

So, due diligence must be observed!

Photo Source: DNR

lemon grass plant


Famous for cooking, it is also a powerful astringent.  Its scent is also fragrant and popular in many gardens.

  • Anti fungal, anti bacterial,
    and anti microbial
  • Minimizes pores,
    limits oil secretor
  • Toner

Lemongrass grows amazingly well in pots, but it grows fast and is very hearty.

It loves moisture, so keep it well watered. Full to partial sun is preferred.  These pretty plants grow much like corn.

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Clary Sage

Divine as an astringent, its abilities to control excess oil are second to none.

  • Astringent for oily skin
  • When combined with witch hazel,
    it will control excess oil
  • Can be used as a hair rinse

To grow this plant, you will need soil that is rich and drains well.

It also loves sunlight, so keep it in full light.

Photo Source: The Art of Healing



The Comfrey is a healing plant and is known for promoting cellular growth.

  • Topical healing for damaged skin
  • Great on acne

Keep in mind, Comfrey is hard to kill and super vigilant.  It’ll survive both in full sun and full shade.  It requires a deep soil that is sandy.

Photo Source: Mother Earth

Stinging NettleStinging Nettle

I don’t have to tell you that you should handle this plant with care. But with careful harvest, there are several benefits that can come from this plant.

Ironically, one of them is to soothe itching and burning.
Note: fresh plants will sting, but dried plants will not.

  • Root tea used to sooth hives and itching
  • Leaf juice applied to sooth sores,
    infections, rashes, and warts
  • Whole plant with vinegar is a restorative
    hair rinse

You will either love or hate growing this plant because it doesn’t need much love.  It grows as fast as a weed and well, it stings! The benefits of this plant, however, far outweigh the stinging.

Keep the soil moist, plant anywhere, and voila: Stinging Nettle.  Everywhere.

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A Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs (2002)
A Creative Step by Step Guide to Growing Herbs (1995)

Please be aware that this article is based off of gardening common knowledge as well as various sources on the Internet and books.

Life of Elle Calgary is making these recommendations based off of this knowledge and in no way guarantees the results of growing and using these plants for beauty. If you are truly intent on growing plants for the purpose of beauty or beauty products, please consult a professional, such as a doctor or nutritionist for further details.

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8 thoughts on “Beauty Plants for Your Garden

  1. Ivan says:

    H could you please tell me where can I find stinging nettle to grow in my garden here in Calgary
    thanks a lot

    1. Amilee Hagon says:

      Hi Ivan!

      As Stinging Nettle is a rather common and hearty plant I believe, in our fair city it’s considered a weed. However, checking out your local greenhouse should be your first stop. Sunnyside has some lovely plant varieties and my carry it in store. Otherwise, you can seek it out in wooded areas or along roadsides. They’re easy to transplant and, like I said, hearty. 🙂

      1. Ivan says:

        Hi and thanks a million …. 😀

        1. Amilee Hagon says:

          Hi and you’re welcome! 🙂

    2. Elle Nguyen says:

      I actually found Stinging Nettle at Rona – Home & Garden in one of those $2 – $4 mix plant shelves. It’s something you have to dig for, but you will find it!

      1. ivan says:

        Rona .. today hunting .. fish creek .. hunting ..
        Thanks .. danke .. hvala .. 😀

  2. Anjali says:

    WHere can I buy lemongrass plants? I would like to grown some in my pots for cooking. is it too late in the season to find these?

    1. Amilee Hagon says:

      It may be too late in the season. If you’re in Calgary there is also a chance that Lemongrass isn’t sold in stores. You can check at larger garden centers and check the tropical plant section?

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