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January 14, 2013

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Yann Haute Patisserie - Life of Elle Calgary

Delectable Delights

When I first saw the goodies of Yann Haute Patisserie at The Pink Frosted Gala, I didn’t really bother to try out the colorful treats. I have had macarons at other events, and I didn’t enjoy eating them – too dry, too squishy for a cookie-like treat. Jeraldine, however, perked up my interest when she described the special care this French bakery takes to make its specialty pastries.

We arranged an interview and tour of Yann Haute Patisserie a few months after, and I discovered first hand how magnificently delicious the French treats were – perfect complements to my Afternoon Coffee sessions.

Until recently, I’ve been trying to make my way back to the shop to no avail. Yann Haute Patisserie is located just on the outskirts of downtown and I work way down south – finding time to visit this bakery during open hours is difficult (and frustrating during Calgary rush hour).

Finally, when one of my client meetings was scheduled to meet downtown, I was able to pop by the shop afterwards and grab a work week’s worth of macarons – a box of 12 for $22.80. Unfortunately, I devoured the box in two and a half days instead …

The Recommendations (out of 5)

Egg Nog – ♥
I don’t know how the French make their Egg Nog, but this one tasted nothing like the one you buy from the store! I love, love, LOVE Egg Nog, so when I bit into this macaron and discovered that it tasted nothing like my traditional holiday drink, I was hugely disappointed. When is there ever chocolate in traditional Egg Nog and where are all the spices? All my palette could taste was the strong vanilla flavor. I would not purchase this flavor again.

Orange Blossom & Grand Marnier – ♥♥♥♥
The flavors were lighter than the other macarons – I feel like I could eat four or five before the flavor overwhelmed my palette’s appetite, but the combination of these flavors slightly bored me. I would have liked a little more contrast to keep the flavor interesting to the last bite. The rindy orange flavor nearly masks the brandy subtleties of the Grand Marnier.

70% Chocolate – ♥♥♥♥♥
This will definitely become one of my staple flavors that I will always buy. There’s not mistake that there’s chocolate in this macaron – the flavor is infused deeply into every bite.

Raspberry Chocolate – ♥♥♥♥
This macaron tastes just like a chocolate dipped raspberry! The flavors are distinct and the creamy texture is heavenly. Personally, I would not have this flavor on a regular basis – it’s more of an occasional dessert treat than a regular Tea Time snack. The flavor is pretty heavy, so it fills the palette’s appetite quite quickly.

Hazelnut – ♥♥♥♥♥
This is another staple flavor that I will always buy. I love the little bits of hazelnut on the crust of the macaron. Also, the mix of the crispy texture of the outside with the creamy inside reminds me of the best of a Ferraro Rocher – the cookie shell and the hazelnut cream. Biting into this sweet feels like a luxury.

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