January 2, 2013

Make Me Beautiful
Ipsy Glam Bag – Super Stars

December Glam Bag from IpsyLife of Elle Calgary


The Haute Holiday Glam Bag

I received my Glam Bag from Ipsy on December 21st, and for $15 USD, it’s a steal of a bargain! I absolutely love the metallic pink packaging. It definitely stood out in my mail box amongst the boring white envelopes of bills and flyers.

Everything arrived safely – no broken bottles or bent boxes. Thanks to the bubble wrap, additional makeup bag packaging, and care of the mail man.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – Zero ($23 CAD)
be a …. bombshell Lip Gloss – Hot Mess ($14 USD)
Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes ($29 USD)
Mai Couture Highlighter Papier – St. Barts ($28 USD)
NYX Loose Pearl Shadow – Yellow Gold ($3 USD)

Elle’s Review

Glam Bag - December 2012 - Life of Elle Calgary

I love the Mirabella Prime! They weren’t kidding when they said “a little goes a long way”. I used LESS THAN a half a pea size for my whole face. You know you’ve used too much when your skin feels oily. The texture should be a soft velvet. I love it more than the Sephora Perfecting Ultra-smoothing primer (clear) – I use about a pea sized bubble for my entire face, but I don’t get the same soft, velvety feel that I have from Mirabella.

There is a big difference between not wearing and wearing this primer. It really does smooth out the foundation and increased eye shadow pigments by at least one shade darker. On top of that, it makes the makeup easy to remove after a nice, long day of wear.

The Urban Decay eye pencil is excellent as well. It transfers really well to a brush for smooth, even application, and the color lasts the whole day with very subtle smudging. It survived through a small “Oh no! I forgot I was wearing makeup!” eye rub with very little smudging. Surprisingly, the liner came off with ease and left no hard-to-remove residue. To remove, I used Marcelle Eye Make-up Remover Lotion.

The NYX loose pearl shadow is an interesting eye shadow to work with. Without primer, the color can be applied lightly to contour the lid or heavily for that really bright “dipped in gold” color, but I find that the color fades after a while. With primer, the color does last longer. I like to blend the color with browns for a more nude look.

I’m not a fan of bold lip color. I tend to stay with nudes and light pinks, so I can send all the focus to my eyes. I tried out this lip color anyways, and found that it didn’t smear as long as I didn’t touch my lips, extremely kiss-transferable (bu…), not too fragrant (yay!!), and it didn’t taste bad (double yay!). It loses its color quite quickly. In the time it took me to set up my pop up studio and play around in a 10 minute photo session, more than half the color disappeared!!

I don’t like the color of the Mai Couture Highlighter  It is too orange for my skin tone, but I do like the luminosity that it adds to my cheeks and nose. Unfortunately, I don’t plan on using it again as a highlighter. It works better as a bronzer for my face, actually (but it’s still too orange).

Highly Recommended: ♥♥♥♥ of 5

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