January 31, 2013

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Wonder Woman Inspired Room

Life of Elle Calgary;

By Aman Dhalay

We all have grown up, but when it comes to superheroes, we all become kids again! One of my favourite superheroes growing up was the character, Wonder Woman the Amazon Princess warrior (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology). Known in her homeland as Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman inherits her mother’s outfit, which gives her the abilities to become a woman with limitless powers.

Wonder Woman is an inspiration of a strong woman that defends truth and having high morals for life. She has repeatedly appeared in comic books featuring the superhero teams Justice Society and Justice League. Having said that, wouldn’t it be fun if we all had that one room in the house inspired by a superhero? I feel that having a superhero room in the house can not only establish the sense of being strong but also the strength of never giving up in life.

To create a themed room inspired by Wonder Woman, I chose to take the colors red, blue, and yellow and powered it with a neutral base color, such as grey in the furniture, and keeping the wall color crisp white.

Not to overpower the space, I would recommend using straight clean line furniture, along with accents pieces that would symbolize your theme. My style board gives you a clear visual of what type of furniture you can have. Have fun popping in themed accessories to create your own superhero room but be careful of going over the top.

Tell us who your favorite superhero is and leave your comments on what you think would be a great superhero room.
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The Details

Color: Why the color Grey?

The color grey has always been associated with being boring or depressing – everybody tries to stay away from it. But I believe  with the right amount of grey, your space will feel relaxing and soothing.

For the accents, which are my favorite parts in designing, I’m going to use the colors red, blue, and yellow from Wonder Woman’s outfit.

Furniture Style

The furniture should be your focus pieces for a classic light and clean room. I didn’t want to overpower the room with heavy furniture, so I decided to go with straight line pieces for the space. This way you can add extra furniture ensembles without having to crowd up the room.

Grey Bed - Life of Elle CalgaryGrey Bed
Selecting a bed is very personal.
Make sure it’s comfortable and you love it!

Red Barcelona Chair Set - Life of Elle Calgary

Red Barcelona Chair Set
This chair has been around since the 50s and is still a popular design today. Its clean line with a mixture of retro and modern fits great with the our hero themed room.

Comic Strip Coffee Table - Life of Elle CalgaryWhite Rectangle Table with Comic Print
I always want to make sure that when I choose a clean line room to have pieces that flow with the theme. They become the focal point and stand out.

Illusion Table - Life of Elle CalgaryIllusion table
This is a fun piece to add. It looks like a hero’s cape!


Speech Box Bookshelf - Life of Elle CalgarySpeech box shelves
I absolutely loved these shelves: they totally portray the whole comic book feel and you can use them to store your favourite comic books and other little memorabilia. (Originally designed by Fusca Design – no longer available)

Bam Pillow - Life of Elle Calgary Blue Pillow - Life of Elle Calgary Wonder Woman Pillow - Life of Elle Calgary

Pillows: To add character to your space, just add pillows. I have decided to use comic book inspired speech expression pillows, highlighting blues and reds and have a feature of Wonder Woman’s face to tie everything together.


Red Lamp - Life of Elle CAlgaryRed tall lamp shade
A tall lamp helps spread the light in the room. Also, the red shade adds a pop of color to our room and theme.


Bang Boom
Bang Boom - Life of Elle CalgaryI loved this light when I first saw it. It’s a frosted light in the center that has stainless steel wires being projected out with clips. For a super hero room you can tell a whole story by placing pages from comic book leap in all directions. Tell your story with a bang & boom!

Window Treatments

Curtains are probably the most popular window treatment. Using fabrics in curtains can be a great decorative asset to a space.

Charcoal Curtains - Life of Elle CalgaryGrey Wool Curtains
I kept it grey so it doesn’t overpower, instead it softens up the room.

Wall Treatments

Brick Wall - Life of Elle Calgary

Since walls constitute the largest area of the room, you should give careful consideration to their function and treatment. Ask yourself: “Should the walls be treated as a background or should the walls stand out?”.

I have chosen to keep the walls in crisp white and then just use one of the walls in the room as a focal point. To make a focal wall stand out, I would add a charcoal brick accent that would give the space that urban outdoor feel. This gives off the impression of a superhero – an urban vigilante defending the city.

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2 thoughts on “Superhero Comforts

  1. Lindsey says:

    Where can you get this bang boom item!!!

    1. Elle Nguyen says:

      The original “Bang Boom” can be found here: (just click on the image in the details section), but you can find a similar item here in Calgary at one of the interiors store on 11 Ave SW. I think it’s Robert Sweep that has a similar comic strip lantern style chandelier. If not, continue eastward to more interior stores on that same street. If it’s still in stock, you will come across it 🙂

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