January 7, 2013

Make Me Beautiful
A Salon Review

Jerome Salon - Life of Elle Calgary

I have always struggled with communication when it comes to speaking to hairstylists. I come with pictures and ideas and even color choices, and they never seem to get it right.

As we all know, communication is a huge key factor in a good hairstyle vs. an average one. My last hairstylist cut my hair so badly that for six months I sworn off going to any conventional hairstylists all together.

Until the day I met Adrienne Danielescu from Jerome on 11th St. SW.  Because of my last experience, walking into Jerome was a huge thing for me.  I was terrified to experience the terror of a hair nightmare all over again.  Jerome, however, surprised me.

I actually yelped it and saw good reviews! So I gathered my strength and made my way to Jerome. From the time I stepped in the door to the time I left, I was treated with respect and people actually listened and cared about what I had to say. My first surprise was walking into the reception area on the 2nd floor and seeing the infamous Janice Adshade (also known as Visha Loo) sitting behind the counter. I remembered she did hair but didn’t know which salon she worked in. Well, now I do!  After waiting only ten minutes (I was early), Adrienne introduced herself and, from the very beginning, was business-like, comfortable, and sympathetic to my bad experience.

Jerome Salon - Life of Elle Calgary

When she took me to the sink to wash my hair, I was pleasantly surprised, yet again, by an actual head rest for my neck while draping my hair into the sink.  It was sheer and utter bliss.  I have never seen another hair salon even consider this kind of extra little attention to detail.

At the end of my appointment, I was left with healthy, tended hair, cut to help with growth, shiny red color that has lasted so far, and a feeling of satisfaction that I have rarely experienced in this particular industry. Needless to say, I will certainly be back to Jerome for future appointments and highly recommend it to other people who have had bad experiences elsewhere. You won’t find that at Jerome – just smiles and a customer service level that is rare to see.

To book your own appointments at the Salon call 403-228-0018. Feel free to visit their website at or drop in, if you’re in the neighborhood (1305-11th St. SW).

You won’t be disappointed.

Highly Recommended: ♥♥♥♥♥/5

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