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December 8, 2012

City Life:
West LRT Grand Opening

Despite the chilly weather, Calgarians came out to celebrate the opening of the West LRT, “the largest infrastructure endeavour ever undertaken by The City of Calgary” (

I was lucky enough to attended and indulge in the events of the West LRT opening as a special guest. It was an extremely cold day – low of -16 degrees Celsius, but that didn’t stop the excitement .

I started the day off at the new 69th street station, the last stop of the West LRT track, and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was served at every West LRT station, so patrons could keep warm as they enjoyed the festivities of the day.

After admiring the new train station, I hopped onto  a bus and headed to the Kerby train station. Many stood out in the windy cold here to listen to speeches from local politcians, including Mayor Naheed Nenshi, and city directors, applauding the hard work that was put into the West LRT project.

West LRT 2012 - Life of Elle Calgary

After the speeches, I joined a select few to travel the West LRT line for the first time.
Who was in the C-Train driver seat? Our mayor, of course!

The ride was a bit bumpy, but we all arrived at the 69th street station safely for the West LRT opening ceremonies. A ribbon breaking by our train and fireworks signaled our arrival. The opening ceremonies actually took place the Ernest Manning High School, a short walk from the train station.

Live music, performers, and a cake made by the students kept guests happily entertained.

West LRT 2012 - Life of Elle Calgary

Santa was even on location!

Elle with Santa - West LRT 2012 - Life of Elle Calgary

The festivities didn’t end there! Throughout the day, there were fun events at every West LRT train station, including magicians, a petting zoo, and live music.


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