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December 9, 2012



andem Town had so many treasures that it would take more than a single evening to enjoy all its wonders.

The whole district is lined with vendors, but there was one that tugged at my geek heart. This small stall, managed by an Asian guy, skilled in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese, was covered with little decorations for the cellphone. Despite being surprised by an impromptu “I LOVE YOU” cry out from the guy in the next stall, I stuck around to explore my options.

This vendor specialized in Plugy – a brand of 3.5mm earphone jack protectors. The concept is simple: just plug this little decoration into your earphone jack and it keeps out dust and other particles from jamming up your input!

According to the vendor, Plugy is HUGE in Japan, and I’m not surprised! There is an insane variety of characters to choose from – a leaf Plugy for those who want to decorate their “Apples”, Star Wars characters for those obsessed with the saga, sparkling bows and flowers for the girly girl, and a variety of Pikachus that made this geek girl squeal with joy! Note: The photo shown does not show official Plugy accessories, but it gives you an idea of what Plugy can have.

Elle’s Official Plugy

Elle's Plugy - Life of Elle Calgary; http://lifeofellecalgary.comI settled for a McD’s fries plugy, which looks really cool on my HTC Desire Z. Yes… my phone accessories are a bit of a mish mash with a life up mushroom, a crystal butterfly and dolphin, and beads of all sorts swinging together.

Price: $3.25 CAD
Purchased on eBay

Being the silly Asian that I am, I thought 7-15 pounds was an insane amount to pay for a piece of plastic. So, I checked around to see if anywhere else had them. There was one stall that sold a few “generic” Plugy accessories (leaf, windup key, bolt, sink tap, red mushroom) for 3 pounds, but there was no Pikachu. Even after searching on eBay, I couldn’t find the Pikachu that I wanted! Worst part: I never got a chance to go back to the Plugy specialty stall! Damn …

So it is worth 7 pounds for the huge selection of Plugy accessories to choose from and to have your favourite to take home? YES!! Do it! You’ll be the happiest geek alive!!


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