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November 30, 2012


The Dilemma

I have been too cheap to purchase a “good” cellphone cover for my phone, but I find that most covers are just molded plastic that breaks easily after multiple drops or removals.

Being a Social Media obsessed freak and Final Fantasy III gamer, I always have to carry two extra phone batteries on me just to last a day. As a result, the tabs on the phone cover tend to wear out and break off after a while.

In fact, in a two month span, I have had to replace the cover twice.

My old phone cover was purchased from Plaza Channel on eBay for $4 USD. I loved this shade of red and the rubber, non-slip texture.

Unfortunately, the back cover has worn out so much that you could see right through it. The sides of each cover are also extremely worn, just from handling the phone.

Luckily, the four tabs on the back cover has lasted, despite multiple battery changes. The front cover tabs are another story – all but one is broken.

So, I finally decided to purchase a sturdier cover. Surprisingly, I found one on eBay for just $0.40 more.

The Review

The brand new cover is a molded plastic case, but the plastic itself is colored versus being coated in color. In addition, the back cover is reinforced with a grooved aluminum plate. The design is very sleek and shiny.

I love the accent around the camera and the speaker, but I find that the case is thicker than the one I had before. It was a little more difficult to press the buttons, but the more I use it, the more used to the case I become and the button issue works itself out.

Each cover only has two tabs to keep them in place. I’m just worried that if one breaks, the covers become useless. The covers are, however, much easier to remove than the previous one. So, I’m not overly concerned about accidently breaking the cover tabs.

Bonus! I receive a new screen protector with my phone case! Downside: I’m horrible at sticking screen protectors on. No matter how clean I wipe my phone, I still capture dust particles under the plastic… /sigh

Disappointment: The description said that the cover is red. It’s actually a pink – more of a magenta shade. I wanted Coca-Cola Red…

So for $0.40 more than the previous phone case, I get an aluminum backed case and a screen protector … that’s a pretty good value!

Price: $4.40 USD from BeTheBest117

Well Recommended: ♥♥♥♥/5

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