September 14, 2011

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Elle's Lucky BambooI love shopping at T & T Supermarket in the NW, especially after 7 PM – Bargain Time! Sushi dinners are discounted thirty percent, so I can happily enjoy a bowl of Unagi Don for $5 and small rolls for $3 and go home with a happy tummy. It’s not spectacular food, but when you’re hungry, it’s a nice change from Mickie D’s.

On a recent sushi/grocery run there, I found one foot bamboo sticks on sale: 2 sticks for 99 cents!

Many sticks were shriveled or had dying roots, but luckily I found two that had reddish, healthy roots and developing buds.

I’ve seen arrangements like this go for $10 and more – two bamboos seated in gravel and potted into an elegant glass vase. My arrangement is only $3.25!!

Lucky Bamboo Duo:
Two bamboo sticks – $1 (T& T Market)
Gravel: $1 (Dollarama)
Glass rectagular vase: $1.25 (Dollarama)

May more luck find its way into my home 🙂

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